Reddit Quite late, but we must show Connor the Jojo’s ending to Metamorphosis (265918). isn't that the ending to 177013? Title: I'm Gonna Fix that Girl. 177013 x jojo 265918 both 177013 and the jojo alt ending is made by the same guy. So the jojo ending could be considered the canon ending. Can somebody explain the plot of 177013 so I don't have to read it? {265918} so 265918 > 177013 I don't know if it's because I'm dead inside, but I didn't feel anything reading 177013. everything>177013 Emergence(metamorphosis) or i dont know Emergence(metamorphosis) . whats the name of the FUCKINg hentai, i see everyone talking about it. 265918 is the canon ending. reddit